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We hand select our shipping containers.

How Are Duk Pools Built?

Single trip shipping containers are practically in mint condition. They have a marine grade epoxy applied to both the interior and the exterior along with a treated plywood floor. We select each container to ensure there are no major dents or dings prior to delivering it to our shop in California. After we receive your design approval we get to work fabricating the shell.

Reinforced Rim

We strengthen the entire pool by adding a steel rim after cutting the container down to height. This gives us the smooth, clean edge around the perimeter of the pool.

Superior Liner

After the entire container has been sand blasted, we line our Duk Pools with a specially blended spray on system. Approved and used throughout the pool industry for over a decade, this 2 part system guards against UV and chemical attack. The liner waterproofs and protects the interior of the pool.

Steel Stair Design

We use formed, solid steel with rolled edges and minimal welding to create our interior seating designs. The seating areas are then welded to the container providing increased strength.

Protected Equipment

We place all of the equipment under the seating arrangement. This space provides protection from the elements and a convenient location for accessing the equipment.